Evans Turner ET VEE-FOLD® is a unique manufacturing process which enables us to fold any sheet metal into tight sharp 90º bends without any bend radius. Visually this produces sharp, crisp folds much desired by architects and designers. Our unique in-house technological developments mean we are the only UK manufacturer to be able to produce these square folded corners.


Our innovative manufacturing techniques enable us to fold architrave lengths of up to 4m and legs as narrow as 4mm whilst replicating the appearance of solid plate and bar without the associated weight and cost issues.

The ET VEE-FOLD® process can be used on a wide variety of sheet metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and anodised aluminium to produce square edges on any folded shape such as lift architraves, wall cladding panels, signage and architectural trims – with vee-fold® the design opportunities are limitless.

To understand more about our ET VEE-FOLD® technology, please contact us directly.

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