The LIFTCLEANSE AIR works by constantly recirculating the air over the LED germicidal UVC light array to ensure that the lift compartment receives sterilised, clean air changes.

For several years germicidal UVC LED technology has been successfully deployed in many applications for surface and air disinfection.

● LIFTCLEANSE AIR unit effectively inactivates micro-organisms at the DNA level and has a disinfection rate of up to 99.9%.

● Unlike other cleaning methods, there is no excess radiation, ozone production or residual chemicals.

● AIR system can operate 24/7 without safety concerns

● AIR system can be retro-fitted into existing lift interiors or incorporated into the design of new lift cars

● LIFTCLEANSE AIR can be supplied with a range of fan baffles that are available in bespoke colours and materials to match the lift interior.

Introducing the LIFTCLEANSE AIR system will help to reassure lift users that such a potential risk area is fitted with the very latest sterilisation technology.

For full specifications download the LIFTCLEANSE AIR product spec sheet or call us directly.

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Liftcleanse Air Product Sheet

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