Angel Tape® is a revolutionary, simple product that eradicates the unwanted hotspots showing on backlit materials around LED edged light panels.

Our aim was to fully utilise the complete light area within a light panel. We wanted to create a mechanism to target and filter out the bright hotspots on LED light panels, thus creating an even distribution of light, right to the edge of the panel.


For many years hotspots have been a known problem in the lighting sector when using LED’s around light panels.

Many manufacturers mask the affected areas to hide the LED’s with an opaque edge, extended framework or by using a light box. However, light boxes are cumbersome and tapes and frames do not create seamless edge-to-edge illumination.

Angel Tape® is an easy to apply tape that uses custom designed diffusion templates to complement each manufacturer’s own LED light panels, with specific shaped masks to cover only the hotspots and the fine light patterns emitted around them.

By targeting the brightest areas only, rather than taking a ‘blanket approach’, Angel Tape® creates a seamlessly smooth, diffused and even light surrounding the LED’s.

● Angel Tape® enables the design surface to illuminate by being positioned directly against the light panel. NO NEED for a light box or a gap between LEDs and the surface panel.

● Angel Tape® diffuses the light from LEDs around the perimeter of the light panel. In sheet form it diffuses light from a matrix of LEDs across the entire panel.

● In linear form it diffuses the bright perimeter around panels where light is reflected along the sides.

● Angel Tape® enables every part of the LED light panel to be used to maximum effect. NO need to waste precious space with a frame or an opaque tape.

● Angel Tape® targets only the specific areas to be masked. NO need for a translucent or fabric tape which still produces an uneven effect by dulling but not hiding the LEDs.

● Angel Tape® is printed on film which is easy to position, without any sticky residue which would otherwise affect the light pattern.



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