LIFTCLEANSE TOUCH uses UVC LED light technology for directional treatment of specifed areas within a lift car. This sterilisation technology ensures that the targeted areas receive the appropriate dosage of UVC for the correct treatment to inactivate 99.9% of germs and viruses.

● LIFTCLEANSE TOUCH is remotely controlled and has an inbuilt safety system to ensure that the lighting cannot be switched on when the lift is occupied.

● Sanitisation treatment times can be as short as one minute with options to program the duration that the lift will be out of service. Individual lifts can be sanitised separately, whilst keeping all other lifts in operation.

● The system includes a fail-safe mechanism to prevent UVC activation when the lift is occupied

● LIFTCLEANSE TOUCH can be retro-fitted into existing lifts or design into new lift projects. Our team will guide how to incorporate the system cost-effectively into the lift finishes with maximum effect

● The UVC light fittings are available with a clear glass lens to maximise efficiency of the LEDs. A black glass filter lens is available to mask the array of LEDs for a more subtle appearance

By adding LIFTCLEANSE TOUCH fittings, multiple areas can be sanitised simultaneously – e.g. the control panel on one wall and handrails on another.

For full specifications download the Liftcleanse Touch product spec sheet or call us directly.

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Liftcleanse Touch Product Sheet

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