Luxurious illuminated lift identification letters that combine sophisticated construction techniques with elegant finishes.

ILLUMALETTER® is the perfect lllumination source for lift Destination Control (Hall Call) sytems requiring prestigious lift identification letters.

Its unique design gives you total flexibility as it enables the use of bespoke fonts, shapes, colours and sizes.


Each illuminated letter is created by embedding acrylic with thermally managed LED’s to deliver a robust and evenly lit letter that runs cool to touch. Optional finishes include vinyl coating, painting to any RAL reference and the application of flat cut metal letter faces.

The ILLUMALETTER® can be cut-in and set flush in architrave uprights or in headers above the lift entrance. ILLUMALETTER® can also be surface mounted or semi-recessed. The range is constructed and designed to be demountable for future maintenance without disrupting the surrounding finishes.

● Letters are manufactured to any bespoke font or sizes

● Acrylic thicknesses available 10mm, 20mm & 30mm with some letter profiles 23mm

● Minimum letter stroke widths required 12mm or 14mm depending on letter profile

● All LEDs are 12 Volts

● Standard LED colours available in range of cool and warm whites, red, green, orange, blue and yellow ILLUMALETTER®

● Some ILLUMALETTER® are available with an RGB colour changing option

● Letters & LED’s warranted for two years

● Supplied with IP68 rated 12 Volt power supplies, warranted for one year

● Options available for setting letters flush in architrave or transom, semi-recessed, surface mounted or floating via stud fixings

Illumaletter Product Sheet

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